How does Make It @ Your Library Work?

Hello, and welcome to Make it @ Your Library.  You might be wondering what we're all about.  Why not start HERE.

The idea for this site began in 2012 and has since evolved to the site you see today.  You may have heard a lot of buzz about makerspaces, hackerspaces, labs and more popping up all over the library world.  Like the makerspaces at Allen County Library Tekventure Maker Station, Chicago Public Library's Maker Lab or Maker Monday  at the American Library Association's Midsummer conference. Exciting.... but perhaps a little overwhelming!

This is where Make it @ Your Library comes in.

The goal of this site is to be a "go-to" for librarians interested in makerspace projects at their institutions.  We are building a collection of maker projects, with an interface that allows you to search by cost, age, time, tools and readiness to find projects just right for you and your patrons.  To learn more about levels of readiness, click HERE.

To search for projects, follow these steps:

  1.  Select your available tools and space.  To read more, read this blog post about tools and space descriptions.
  2.  Select the age level(s) of patrons you would like to gear your project towards.  All ages?  Select all three age levels!
  3.  Choose your category.  For a brief description of our categories, read this blog post.
  4.  Choose your desired budget.  The cost is determined by the estimated dollar amount per person per project, based on the materials needed to make the project.  Some projects require more initial investment in materials.
  5.  Choose your desired amount of time.  Projects can take less than an hour or 1-2 hours for a one time session, or you can search for projects that will be on-going for your patrons.  These tend to be larger, group projects.

As we continue to develop the site and grow our community, we encourage your feedback.  You can reach us at