Makerspaces, content creation, and the grand scheme of things

In the building and creating of this site and project, there have been moments when I've asked myself if this whole thing works. Just because makerspaces are a thing, should they be our thing? 

The short answer, to the team at Make it @ Your Library is a firm yes. Here's the how and the why:

Tips for Contributing

We really hope that Make It @ Your Library will continue to grow with the help of librarians like you!  Each project added to the site comes from, and we need folks to curate them for the library world.  You can always suggest an Instructable for the site here, but we’re really hoping that you create your own account so that you can join our community and contribute Instructable projects yourself.

Tools and Space Descriptions

The Tools and Space categories we use in Make It @ Your Library were adapted from the research of Travis Good.

Activity Ready: No serious tools, no committed space, one-sitting project

A one-off activity that can be done in a multi-use space and often using traditional library materials or arts and crafts materials. These types of projects are already found in many libraries. 

Project Group Ready: No serious tools, no committed space, recurring meeting


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