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What Is a Simple Bot?

One of the staples of the making world is the robot.  Who doesn't want to make a robot?  For folks who are starting out in making, the simple bot is a good solution.  Taking robots down a notch, a simple bot is essentially a machine built with simple motors and mechanical components.  These materials are often repurposed from other tools, toys, or objects.  Whereas a robot relies on pr

A Very DIY Thanksgiving

Make It @ Your Library is kicking off the holiday season in style.  The air is crisp, the leaves have fallen, and librarians everywhere are showing off their cookbooks to ever-ambitious patrons.  We’ve picked out a few stellar Thanksgiving-themed projects to highlight.  Some are more library-friendly than others, but all are things to keep in mind when planning autumn programs (and all simply smack of holiday joy).

leaf bowl

Tips for Contributing

We really hope that Make It @ Your Library will continue to grow with the help of librarians like you!  Each project added to the site comes from Instructables.com, and we need folks to curate them for the library world.  You can always suggest an Instructable for the site here, but we’re really hoping that you create your own account so that you can join our community and contribute Instructable projects yourself.

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