Fridge Magnets

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Step 1: Fridge Magnets

Easy cute little magnets for your fridge

Step 2: what you need:

Items needed:

Glue gun or some sort of strong glue

Magnets (you can buy them at wal-mart or any other craft store for really cheap)

Magazines or some sort of small image

Clear glass pebbles (also can be found in craft sections in mesh bags)

Step 3: image

Next cut out a small image from your magazine. It should be a circular shape about the same size as your clear glass pebble.

Step 4: glueing

Glue your small image onto the magnet first THEN put a glob of clear glue on top of the image and smash the clear pebble on top of it

Step 5: your done

Now attach them to your fridge. They work great and are really strong.

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