Dreaming about a makerspace (or already have one), but don’t know how you’ll pay for the equipment and software? Here’s a universal truth: It never hurts to ask.

We recently received a question from a public library with a makerspace that was having trouble getting good software for use with their 3D printers. They had tried the free stuff, Blender and Sketchup, but found it lacking. What they really wanted was professional software like Autodesk Inventor. But licensing this software is expensive and outside the reach of most libraries, right? Not so fast!

Autodesk is the parent company of Instructables and it is their content that you find on Make It @ Your Library. So the library emailed us to ask if we had any sway at Autodesk that might result in a discount on software.

Well… no swaying needed! Autodesk already offers all of their software for FREE to any makerspace including library makerspaces!?

So how can your library take advantage of this offer? Contact Jesse Harrington Au, Maker Advocate at Autodesk, jesse (dot) harrington (dot) au (at) autodesk (dot) com, to get the hook up!

Software for your library's makerspace

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