Chinese Parade Dragon

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Step 1: Chinese Parade Dragon for Under $75

Chinese Parade Dragon for Under $75

I was given a challenge to make a Chinese parade dragon in two days for under $50, I completed said challenge and you can see the results. For the camp ceremony there needed to be a flap so a person could stand behind it and blow fire. I was going to make the dragon do that on it's own, but my budget was limited, I couldn’t find what I needed to make it work for the budget…and did I mention I had only two days!  I am calling this under seventy-five dollars to create because I did have some materials on hand and would venture those to be around twenty-five dollars to get if you bargain hunt.. My biggest regret is not taking more pictures of the progress or I would have made an instructable on it.  Some of the photos are at night, and yes I did make his eyes glow.  He was pretty cool and it was a highlight of the ceremony!

Materials Used:
Paint Brushes
High Temp Hot Glue Gun
High Temp Hot Glue
2 Red Full size Flat Sheets
2-4 spools Lion Brand Fun Fur Yarn (White)
10 Sheets of foam board (white)
Black Acrylic Paint
Red Acrylic Paint
1 Can Gold Spray Paint
2 Cans Flat Black Spray Paint
2 Hollow Rubber Bouncy Balls (large and transparent)
2 Large camping Glow Sticks (orange in color)
5 Large Wooden dowel Rods
1 Can Great Stuff Foam Insulation

Feel free to ask questions I would be happy to help you make your own.

UPDATE 2013:

Quick & Easy Chinese Parade Dragon  This instructable should help you with out to construct this dragon.  I made is very similar to the one found here.

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