Tips for Contributing

We really hope that Make It @ Your Library will continue to grow with the help of librarians like you!  Each project added to the site comes from, and we need folks to curate them for the library world.  You can always suggest an Instructable for the site here, but we’re really hoping that you create your own account so that you can join our community and contribute Instructable projects yourself.

To create an account, register here.  Once you’re in our system, you’ll be welcome to add projects.

What makes a good Instructable project?

First, we’re looking for projects that are suitable for libraries.  Maybe there’s one you’ve tried, and it was great.  Or perhaps you have some crafty expertise and can point us to the most fool-proof and practical how-tos out there.  The step-by-step instructions need to be detailed, be clear, and include pictures or video.  The best projects to add will also be unique, to avoid unnecessary duplication in our collection.

How should I tag my project?

Time to take you back to library school and talk….metadata!!  We have a number of set fields of data for our projects, so that librarians can evaluate them based on age level, category, cost per person, time per project, and very importantly--tools and space available to the library.  Take a look at this blog post to gain a deeper understanding of each of the options under the Tools and Space heading.

The tags field is also very important.  Projects on Make It @ Your Library are full-text searchable, which is extremely useful, but we’re also counting on tags to help better identify projects.  On, each project has tags designated by its author, and those are a good idea to include, for the most part.  We also want to think about other ways people might use to find a project to try--for instance:

  • What kinds of materials are used?  Is there another name for any of the items in the project?

  • Is there a significant tool associated with the project, like a 3D printer or rotary tool?

  • Is there a particular method or technique used to accomplish the project, like applique, engraving, or soldering?

  • Are there any buzz words or further categories associated with the project, like STEM, upcycling, or fiber crafts?

We can’t wait for you to dive in!