Safety First

You may have noticed that some of the projects we share on Make It @ Your Library could be considered hazardous. 

So why would we share ideas for maker activities that are potentially dangerous? Because the maker movement embraces all types of makers and doers with a wide range of skills and interests. 

Some libraries are prepared to handle projects that require the use of special tools - tools that are risky to use without proper training or the supervision of an expert. Tools like saws and drills, special chemicals, and electronics. Because we want to be of service to all libraries, we will continue to include projects that cover a wide range of the things happening in maker communities around the world.

We strongly encourage all librarians to consider the skills and interests of their communities when selecting projects. We also recommend that you test projects before delivering them to a larger audience. We review every project that is indexed on this site and we try our best to make sure we select projects that are accurate and easy to follow. But if you try a project and encounter problems, please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section of the project.

For the legalese, please review our terms of service.

Happy, safe creating!