Make your own cookie cutters

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Step 1: make your own cookie cutters

Make cookie cutters in custom shapes this year.

Step 2: materials

sheet metal (hobby store)

tin snips

pliers for bending metal

file for smoothing edges

nuts and bolts



safety glasses

Step 3: cut the metal strips

cut metal strips about 3/4" thick or greater.

smooth the rough edges with a file

Step 4: bend

bend the metal into the desired shape

Step 5: close shape with screw

secure the closure with clamps.

align the metal edges so the interior of the curve is smoothest. Put the screw hole near the edge so the amount of metal overlapping in the interior is minimized.

drill a hole for the screw to fit

assemble so the head of the screw is inside of the form and the remainder of the screw extends outward. Secure with a bolt.

Step 6: finis

tada! your own custom cookie shapes. pretty cool

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