How to use TinkerCAD to make a pen holder

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Step 1: How to use TinkerCAD to make a pen holder

This article tells you how to use TinkerCAD( with Makerbot to make a "REAL" pen holder, you can see the amazing 3d printed pen holder as the attached picture. You can also see the video from here. 


Step 2: Open Tinkercad

Launch Chrome with Tinkercad( and click "Create new design" button

Step 3: Drag the box and shape scripts to canvas

Drag a box from “Geometric” to canvas, drag the module “Voronoi” from “Community Shape Scripts” to canvas.(You can edit the parameters of the shape script module to what you want)

Step 4: Copy & Paste the modules

Use Ctrl C/Ctrl V to copy paste lots of modules(For any shape scripts, you can change the properties to make them different)

Step 5: Set shape scripts modules as hole

Set the shape scripts as “Hole”

Step 6: Group the box and hole

Group the shape script and the box together to get the sides of the pen holder

Step 7: Make the sides and box together

Rotate and move to make the sides and box together

Step 8: Get the final model pen holder

You will get the final pen holder

Step 9: 3d print the real model

Send this module to Makerbot and print it, you will get the real 3d pen holder

License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

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