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Instructables' Build Nights

Instructables is expanding their Build Night program to libraries with maker communities! 

For Build Nights, Instructables partners with companies that make fun materials and tools. Makerspaces, hackerspaces, and now libraries, can apply to host a Build Night and receive the materials for free. Locations that receive materials agree to host an event during the designated month. Participants experiment with the materials and then share the creations on

Safety First

You may have noticed that some of the projects we share on Make It @ Your Library could be considered hazardous. 

So why would we share ideas for maker activities that are potentially dangerous? Because the maker movement embraces all types of makers and doers with a wide range of skills and interests. 

How to Add Your Own Maker Projects

We know that librarians are a creative bunch and that many of you have probably designed your own maker activities for use in library programming. 

Have you thought about sharing your creations with other libraries? Now you can! Your maker projects can appear on Make It @ Your Library, here's how: 

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