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No Magic Trick

I have a new gig (as the Head of Youth Services at La Grange Public Library). But before I left my old gig (Lisle Library District), I agreed to do a program for the adult services department on duct tape. I didn't think much about it until about a week before the program actually came up. I mean, really. I've been programming for years (let's say over a decade) for kids. How different could it be to do a simple old craft program with adults?

How do you turn this thing on?

What turns a trend into a reality in libraryland? When do we go from thinking that we need to try something to actually writing up a description, making a plan, and putting it into our newsletters?

The answer is a concrete outline. Even if that outline involves you flying by the seat of your pants. It is from that cobbled together program outline from which you will eventually grow into an expert.

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