Make It @ Your Library is kicking off the holiday season in style.  The air is crisp, the leaves have fallen, and librarians everywhere are showing off their cookbooks to ever-ambitious patrons.  We’ve picked out a few stellar Thanksgiving-themed projects to highlight.  Some are more library-friendly than others, but all are things to keep in mind when planning autumn programs (and all simply smack of holiday joy).

leaf bowl

For the perfect DIY Thanksgiving, first you’ll need some décor.  Collect some autumn leaves (see, this project can even get folks to help you clean up the library lawn!) and make your own Homemade Leaf Bowl.  Add a little Mod Podge or epoxy and a balloon, and you’ve got the best looking leaf-mâché in town.

thanksgiving spoon magnets

Looking for something a little more kid-friendly?  These Thanksgiving Spoon Magnets are a perfect simple craft to do with kids.  Got paper, glue, and some plastic spoons?  You’re halfway there. 


For the hardcore amongst us, perhaps get a group going to make some Life-Sized Scarecrows.  These guys are a little bit of a commitment, but the time is well-spent.  Then, surprise the turkey-maker in your life with a festive handmade apron.  (Mom can never have too many aprons, am I right?)


Last, on the day itself, you can delight (or perhaps horrify) your guests with CHOW’s Thanksgiving Turkey Cake.  This holiday monstrosity wonder will surely make an impression on just about anyone, even the surliest of grumpy uncles and impetuous children.  This is honestly a project I’ve wanted to attempt for a while, and I’m thinking of hijacking the family’s leftovers to try my own version. 

Let us know what you plan on making this holiday season!

A Very DIY Thanksgiving

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