DIY Paper Butterflies

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Step 1: DIY Paper Butterflies

Today I'm going to teach your one of the first paper crafts that I ever learned. My grandma taught me this one when I was younger. I saw a picture on where someone made a jar full of these and those memories came rushing back.

These are super cute and usable with other types of crafts! The possibilities are limitless and depends on how crafty you get.

Step 2: Materials

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

Square Paper (Any colour) Scissors

    Step 3: the Fold

    You're going to start off with a square piece of paper. Fold it once into a triangle, unfold it, and fold it into a triangle on the other side. There should now be a "X" shaped crease going through your paper.

    Next fold the paper in half, unfold it, and fold it in half the other way.

    Now this part is a bit tricky. When you fold the paper in half the second time, open the paper slight, and push down on the edge of the paper. The edge should go down without much effort. Do this for both sides. You should end up with a triangle.

    Step 4: The Cut

    Now fold the triangle in half to make a small triangle. There should be a side where all you can see all the corners of the paper (not the binding side). Grab your scissors and now cut the edges off in a curve. This is very important for the next step.

    Step 5: Shaping It Into a Butterfly

    Unfold the triangle to how you had it before you folded it in half. It should be a larger triangle with rounded corners on the bottom.

    Take one flap and fold it down the middle and do the same for the other side. There should still be two flaps on the back and you should see the tip of the triangle.

    Using your finger, you'll want to roll the tip of the triangle backwards while creating an arc. This is what gives it the butterfly shape.

    The tip should now be at the top of the triangle. Now fold the half to keep the tip there. This is crucial to maintaining the butterfly shape!

    Step 6: Finish

    There you have it! You're very own paper butterfly.

    Happy crafting!

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