Duct Tape Magic Wallet

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Step 1: Duct Tape Magic Wallet

Magic wallets are a cool, fun little trick of design -- test this one out and see for yourself!

Step 2: Create your structure

Get an Altoid tin, or anything that's approximately the size of your credit cards and IDs that you'd want to store in a wallet. Trace it twice on a piece of cardboard -- any regular old piece of a box would work here.

Step 3: Cover your cardboard

Cut 4 pieces of duct tape, about 5 inches long each. Cover each side of both cardboard pieces. Press the duct tape firmly around the cardboard pieces, creating a nice seal. Cut the shapes out, flush with the edges of the cardboard -- don’t overcut, but don’t leave much overlap. (You can always cut down the overlap later, too.)

Step 4: Creating the Straps

Secure the duct tape against the edge of the table and cut a length of 1 foot.

Fold the strip into thirds -- it’s okay if it’s crinkly. As you fold, you’ll smooth it out. The folds won’t be even, but you’re aiming for the strip to be about a centimeter wide. You will need two of these, so repeat this step once more.

Step 5: Prepping the Straps

Place the strips on top of each other and cut them in half, so that you have 4 strips that measure about 6 inches each. In preparation for the next step, cut a few bits of duct tape (about an inch each) and set aside on the edge of your workspace.

Step 6: Getting Attached

Set the cardboard pieces alongside each other. Place one tape strip underneath the cardboard piece on the right, and bring the edge of it on top of the one on the left, with about 1 inch of overhang. Tape that inch down firmly with one of your small pieces of tape to the side, as low as you can get before the cardboard curves into a rounded edge.

Firmly press the two pieces of cardboard side by side (don’t jam them too tightly) and bring the long end of the strip around the top of the cardboard piece on the right. Tape it down firmly into place taking care to keep the tape as symmetrically placed as possible.

Cut any extra part of the strip that is poking out from the piece of duct tape you used to tape the strip down. Repeat with another strip.

Step 7: Getting even further attached

Take note of which side is which from the picture above.

Prep 4 more small pieces of tape at your workstation. Take the other two strips. With Side B facing up, thread the two strips into the center of the wallet. Allow about an inch of extra tape through to Side A. Make an X in the center of these two strips.

Step 8: One last attachment

Almost there! Now flip the wallet over to the side where the extra inch of straps are and lay the wallet flat. Firmly (don’t yank too hard) tape the straps flat against the underside of the cardboard piece that has the two flat bands across it. The X shape should be taped to both pieces of cardboard now.

Step 9: Ta-dah!

Now your wallet is ready to use! Take a bill, or credit card, or even piece of scrap paper and set it on top of the X. Close the wallet and the item will be underneath the X. Open it again and it will be under the band. Embellish with extra pockets, if you wish, or use just as is.

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