That stripey duct tape pencil case

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Step 1: That stripey duct tape pencil case

A practical case to carry a few pens, pencils, mascara perhaps.

You will need:
- cardboard/postcards
- several duct tape, for colour and variety
- cutting mat and blade and ruler

Step 2: Preparation

4 pieces of cardboard needed to reinforce the pencil case.

The sizes I used are:
A) 8cm x 17cm (base)
B) 8cm x 11cm (top flap)
C) 8cm x 10cm
D) 8cm x 1.5cm

Postcards are lightweight and suitable for this.

A cutting board helps to quickly measure the pieces.

Step 3: Lining the pieces

Line all the pieces with black duct tape on one side, because I want the inside of the pencil case to look good.

The top flap and base should be taped while it's folded, so that later your pencil case will naturally close.

Step 4: Giving the shape

Attach all the pieces together.

Step 5: Holding it together

Prepare the duct tape on the cutting mat. Make sure the duct tape overlap each other by about 1cm or more, so that the entire piece can be lifted.

Also prepare 2 strips of duct tape, width 1.5cm.

Slowly lift the big piece of duct tape, and place your pencil case on the top 11cm of it, placed roughly in the middle (picture 2)

Cut the bottom part as shown (picture 3).

Carefully stick the blue strips as shown (picture 4). Be very careful because when duct tape sticks to duct tape it's really ugly if not impossible to remove. Use blade to trim excess blue strip.

Fold the duct tape and paste (pictures 5 and 6)

Step 6: Creating the long strip

Prepare the main duct tape as show in picture 1. Again, make sure the pieces overlap each other in order to be lifted as one big piece (picture 2).


Fold in the excess piece tightly. Smooth out creases.

With the top flap bent, continue the pasting. This ensures your pencil case has a natural closure. (picture 5)

Step 7: Final trim

Prepare another black duct tape strip as shown. If you have gotten this far, this step is fairly easy.

Finally, attach some velcro for the flap to stick to the case. I ran out of velcro so I haven't got pictures of that step.

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