Tools and Space Descriptions

The Tools and Space categories we use in Make It @ Your Library were adapted from the research of Travis Good.

Activity Ready: No serious tools, no committed space, one-sitting project

A one-off activity that can be done in a multi-use space and often using traditional library materials or arts and crafts materials. These types of projects are already found in many libraries. 

Project Group Ready: No serious tools, no committed space, recurring meeting

An ongoing meetup - like sewing groups, robotics groups, linux groups - that meet in a multi-use space.  May not often create final projects, but they do use the library space. 

Temporary Tool Ready: Pack-away tools, no committed space

Projects that can be made with a reusable or replenish-able kit and/or using tools that can be packed away after the project is completed; for example, electronics kits, arduino kits, soldering irons, sewing machines, etc. Rarely seen in libraries today, but an area of great potential. 

Clean Tool Ready: Committed clean tools in a committed space

A dedicated space for making has been established in the library and the space has dedicated clean tools like 3D printers, laser cutters, egg bots, etc. 

Dirty Tool Ready: Committed dirty tools in a committed space

A dedicated space for making that offers tools like saws, large drills, etc. which are dirty and noisy. Only one library has this kind of space right now - Allen County Public Library

For more information, watch Making Makerspace Libraries, Travis Goode's presentation in March 2013 at ILEAD USA.