Embossed Pendants

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Step 1: Super Easy Embossed Pendants!

It feels great to wear handmade jewelries and feels greater when you make your own jewelries :) In this instructable I'll show you how to make embossed (look alike!) gold and silver pendants in 5 easy steps. I'm sure you'll have fun making these pendants.

Lets start!

Step 2: Materials Needed

To make these pendants you'll need:

1) Cardboard or thick papers,
2) White glue,
3) Thick polythene paper,
4) Scissor,
5) Pin (to make a hole in the pendant),
6) Glitter paint (golden and silver),
7) Black acrylic paint and paint brush,
8) Jump rings.

You might also need pen or pencil and paper to draw some designs for the pendants. 

Step 3: Cutting and Painting

Take a piece of cardboard and cut out a shape as you want. You can also use thick papers, by gluing 4-5 layers together. I think it's better to use thick papers than cardboard.
Now, use black acrylic paint to color the cut out shape and allow it to dry. 
You can color only one side or both sides, as you want.
After the paint dries, use a small pin to make a hole on the pendant, for attaching a jump ring.

Step 4: Making the cone

Take a piece of thick polythene paper and cut it into a square shape.
Now start rolling the paper from one corner to form a cone shape and use a small piece of scotch tape to tape the edge, to make sure the cone shape is fixed. 
Make sure that the hole on the cone isn't too big, otherwise you won't be able to make detailed designs.
Fill half of the cone with white glue.

Step 5: Designing

Before staring to design the pendants it's a good idea to draw some designs on a piece of paper.
If you're not familiar or used to making designs using cone, then you should practice a little.

Be sure that you're ready to get started with the design! 
Carefully  and slowly press the bottom of the cone and design the pendant as you want. Too much details might smudge the whole design, so be careful.
Once you're done designing, allow the white glue to dry. This might take some hours. 

Step 6: Final touch

After the white glue dries you'll need to apply a coat of glitter paint (gold or silver) using finger tip.
Drop a small amount of glitter paint on your finger tip and apply it over the designed pendant and see the magic. After the glitter paint dries attach a jump ring to complete the pendant.
Wasn't that easy and fun?
Enjoy :)

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