How to Add Your Own Maker Projects

We know that librarians are a creative bunch and that many of you have probably designed your own maker activities for use in library programming. 

Have you thought about sharing your creations with other libraries? Now you can! Your maker projects can appear on Make It @ Your Library, here's how: 

  • Start at Sign up for a free account. 
  • From the Create options, select Step By Step
  • You will need photos detailing the major steps of the project. Be sure to include a list of the tools and materials you used and even links to websites where materials can be purchased. 
  • After you have submitted your project to Instructables, tell us about it! Go to our Contribute page and share the Instructables' URL for your project or sign up for a Make It @ Your Library account and we will make you a contributor. 

We look forward to seeing all the things you create!